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Botox, Coolsculpting & More



Volume loss. Deep-set wrinkles. Hollow temples.

Dermal Filler can be used to restore youthful volume wherever a naturally rejuvenated appearance is needed. Dermal fillers are commonly used in lips, under-eyes & temples, and are naturally tailored for your unique beauty needs. Our dermal filler service is ideal for anyone who is dealing with volume loss of the lower face, deepset wrinkles, hollow temples or thin lips. After we administer dermal filler, any client can receive the volume they were seeking. A fuller appearance is often a more youthful appearance. Those who use our fillers often report back that they feel like they turned back the clock on their overall look. Most customers who utilize our services for face fillers will utilize the service in the lips, lower face, around the eyes or around the temples. Our experts are available to consult on dermal filler. We completely understand if you have questions regarding this procedure and look forward to assisting you. Call with questions or book online today!



Jeuveau Botox injections relax fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily inhibiting muscles from contracting. The results are a natural, youthful look without any downtime. We have performed countless Botox cosmetic procedures. Whether you are considering Botox for wrinkles or just looking to refresh your face, a Botox injection can help. The way neurotoxins such as Botox, Jeaveau, Xeomin, Daxxify and Dysport all work is by temporarily inhibiting muscles from contracting, thereby relaxing fine lines and wrinkles in the face. We recommend Botox for people who wish to remove wrinkles such as forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet around the eyes. One of the more popular customer choices of late is a neck Botox injection that firms up the skin around the jaw. When you get a Botox eyebrow lift or another Jeuveau Botox treatment it is recommended to get treatments every three months for the best results. If you have any questions regarding a Botox injection, our team is here to help you. You can also book an appointment online at your convenience.

The Kaga Academy diamond glow


Diamond Glow is by far our most popular facial for a reason!

3-in-1 technology: Exfoliates with real diamond-tip wands. Extracts clogged pores to eliminate toxins. Infuses a custom blend of serums to target acne, dehydration, lines & wrinkles. For those unfamiliar with Diamond Glow, it can provide you with healthier skin you can feel. The reason you can feel the difference of Diamond Glow is that it leverages a 3-in-1 next-level technology, which makes the days of hydrafacials a distant memory. A popular add-on, dermaplanning removes dead skin and unwanted hair. Then Diamond Glow methodology exfoliates the skin with real diamond-tipped wands, which is then followed by extraction of all clogged pores. The third step is an infusion of acustom blend of serums, which is known to help clear up acne, revitalize dehydrated skin and assist in diminishing fine lines as well as wrinkles. As our most popular facial, we recommend our Diamond Glow service to people looking to treat themselves or a loved one. It’s impossible to leave a Diamond Glow session feeling anything less than spectacular about your skin. Get ready to enjoy the glow and book your appointment online today!


The Kaga Academy Coolsculpt red bank_edi


Coolsculpting is FDA approved to safely & permanently remove fat cells. Our non-surgical devices use cryotechnology & systematic contractions to eliminate resistant fat, and target & tone specific areas, non-invasively. Anyone interested in our Coolsculpting treatment can take advantage of a free consultation. What has our team so excited about Coolsculpting is that it is the first FDA approved device that has been proven to permanently remove stubborn fat both safely and effectively. Our clients not only love the aftermath of this fat freezing treatment, but they also love that the treatment of emsculpting is 100 percent non-surgical and non-invasive. Coolsculpting received its name because it utilizes cryotechnology to safely target and eliminate fats that have been resistant to disappear from diet and exercise changes. We have administered Coolsculpting treatments on just about every part of the body. Book your consultation online today to learn what this fat freezing treatment can do for you. When you are ready to tone and sculpt book your emsculpt appointment today!




We offer PRP to help reinvigorate your skin as well as stimulate hair restoration. Platelet Rich Plasma stimulates collagen cells to help revitalize & regenerate..  Adding PRP improves overall skin tone, texture & elasticity.  When you reach out to us for PRP treatments, you are getting the luxury of a facial with the medical benefits of PRP. For those unfamiliar with PRP, it stands for platelet rich plasma. What platelet rich plasma does is stimulate collagen-producing cells, which will help to revitalize and regenerate the skin. We recommend adding PRP to your aesthetic treatments as it helps improve overall skin tone, texture, and elasticity. This is a treatment that we recommend receiving about every four weeks. We also offer pain free, needle free, no downtime hair restoration with TED! Ultrasound delivery of serums for thicker, fuller hair with increased shine and strength. If you are starting to experience hair loss or would like to start regrowing your own hair, book your TED treatment today!


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